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This blog entry is written in english, because I always translate my posts to english anyways, and consider to mainly blog in english from now on, allthough it's not decided yet. 

I've gotten hundreds of questions from people asking where I get my clothes. A lot can be written about that, because an easy answer does not exist, and I will have to write more about this another time. Most of my clothing I get from travels, secondhand-stores or I sew them myself. But sometimes I also buy online. Some time ago I came across a webshop from a brand which I actually like, Punkrave clothing. I was literally drooling over some of the clothes ^^ Then, some days ago, I happened to coincidentally get an email from them about a collaboration. I've gotten lots of such emails from other companies during the years, but I've always refused. This time I actually accepted, because I sincerely love their creations and don't mind at all sharing them with the world. So yes, I've started doing collaborations this autumn simply to be able to keep doing blogging, because of all my other adulting responsibilities. Also collaborations can be positive for my creativity. 

Punkrave has a huge assortment for various types of people, whether you prefer more normal looking alternative clothing, everyday fairy wear, steampunk, gothic victorian dresses, gothic lolita dresses or apocalyptic fashion... they even have many cool clothes for men in many of these cathegories! Most of the clothing is bit on the dark side and the main focus is on gothic clothes, but they also have many of the items in other colors, for us who prefer things a bit brighter. Personally I always have preferred brown or other colors to black, but I also often wear black, preferably mixed with other colors. I've always absolutely loved gothic clothing, especially the shapes and the designs... and I love hanging out with goths! Punkrave mixes the gothic with steampunk and a bit of the whimsical which I adore. Not even is the design great, their clothing is also affordable! :)

Seriously though.... I wish so many more people dared to dress alternatively or different or just as they most wanted! Life is too short caring for what other people think. Be yourself and dress as you like, be creative <3

Here is some of my favorites, I would totally wear all of those, and they are so perfect for late autumn:

You can click on each picture to read more about the item

This skirt <3

Pretty details

Click here to see more gothic dresses

Gothic jackets

Here is some cool menswear that I found, I'm sure my boyfriend would look awesome in all of them:

Ruben usually wear pants quite similar like these, and many people ask him where he gets them. He sew them himself, or a great friend called Mark Van Weerd makes them, so now you know ;D

I kind of wish there were more vampire elves around

What do you think? Should I do more recommendations of nice things? I will still blog mainly about nature, my life, cats and adventures as I always did, so things will not change :) I will always try to improve the quality of my blog, though. And I hope to be able to blog more often again. 

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